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IMPA London 2019 comes to a close at a time of great political and environmental legislative change

With IMPA London 2019 only a stone’s throw from the hive of activity taking place around Whitehall surrounding Brexit, it is impossible to ignore the future of an industry that by its very...

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Simplex-Turbulo is proud to become a member of the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup Ocean Protection Project in the fight against rising ocean microplastic levels

As a supplier and promoter of smart technologies that mitigate the impact of micoplastics on the marine environment, Simplex-Turbulo is proud to support the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup (BBOC) Oce...

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Finally, a compact and environmentally sound ballast water management system that meets with IMO and USCG type approval

In addition to the fast-approaching 2020 sulphur cap of 0.5%, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has set a 2024 D-2 standard deadline requirement for the correct discharge of ball...

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Diesel and Marine Group staff from all across Europe converge on Wherwell for two-day event

From Newcastle to Spain, Lincoln to Germany, Wherwell to Poland, Diesel and Marine Group welcomed its staff from all across the UK and Europe to its headquarters last week. This was the firs...

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Lincoln Diesels maintain the lead in their specialist knowledge of the MAN L32/40 engine

Following a recent training course in the company workshop facilities, Lincoln Diesels maintains and extends its specialist knowledge of the MAN L32/40 land-based diesel engine. This makes L...

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Simplex-Turbulo makes exciting advancements with Wågene Purifiner in the supply of filtration technology

Simplex-Turbulo welcomes Åge S. Wågene and positions itself as the authorised distributor for Wågene Purifiner technology in the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal and Poland. Simplex-T...

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Coping with extreme cold, how our service engineers keep safe and warm when temperatures plummet

“Minus 15 degrees Celsius or more can be commonplace in January and that is without wind chill”: how our service engineers cope with extreme cold. Although much of northern Europe enjoye...

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A worldwide perspective from Diesel and Marine Group

A popular expression in recent times has been “strength lies in differences, not similarities” and although this may sound contrary (and possibly a little hackneyed), it is acknowledged ...

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Selecting the correct type of piston to fit to your engine during a major overhaul can be problematic

Sourcing quality OEM parts from a trusted manufacturer is critical, but, in the case of pistons, simply knowing that the particular part has been made by an approved manufacturer is not enou...

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Concern as dirty fuel ban could lead to rise in ships dumping pollutants at sea

Vessel emissions rival plastic waste as an environmental hazard to marine environments In addition to the problems identified with rising levels of plastic waste in our oceans, vessel emissi...

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