• Propeller repair

Propeller repair

A complete propeller repair service! We are able to offer repair of propeller blades, and also to offer replacement blades. Alternatively propellers can be redesigned to optimise fuel consumption. We can offer propeller blade foot machining. We can also supply oversized blade carriers and sliding blocks.

diver involved in propeller repair

we can offer underwater propeller repair

We are able to offer a propeller inspection and repair team, utilising divers specifically trained in propeller geometry and hydrodynamics. Projects often involve complete removal of thruster units. This service is:

– worldwide
– 24 hour
– rapid response
– underwater


balancing and measuring equipment used in propeller repairs

Additionally, new mobile balancing and measuring equipment for propeller blades up to a weight of 6.5 tonnes has been developed and is now available. The equipment allows the blades to be balanced within a tolerance of 2.5 kg.   This means that it is now possible to measure the CPP blades in any location, making it possible to carry out repairs to an even higher standard of accuracy. This new equipment was used for the first time recently on the repair of the CPP blades of the SKANDI SKANSEN. This repair took place in Stavanger, Norway, and the balancing and measuring equipment was transported by the by the repair team from the workshop in Asperen, The Netherlands within a day. The results were excellent and the ship owner saved the time it would have taken to transport the blades from the shipyard.

Can significantly damaged propellers be repaired?

When Gert Hendriksen, Managing Director of MPR, was invited by a navy client to inspect their propeller he knew it would be a challenge. Just looking at the photographs, below, the size of the project can be clearly seen. The original diameter of the propeller was 1420 mm but when it arrived in MPR’s workshop it was only 1187 mm, and originally Class had rejected the propeller. The MPR team was up for the challenge… after six days of hard grind (literally) a near miracle was achieved – a testament to the skills of the MPR team.

original propeller arriving at the Maritime Propeller Repair workshop

original propeller arriving at the MPR workshop


final propeller repair achieved by MPR

gleaming navy propeller refurbished by MPR

Maritime Propeller Repairs also trains divers in specialist propeller inspection

In October 2012, MPR ran its first comprehensive training programme for divers from underwater marine maintenance specialists, UMC. The training will enable the divers to carry out detailed inspections of propellers and propeller systems, providing customers with professional inspection and damage reports. The reports are essential in order to make a feasible and realistic temporary repair plan, and also so that propeller repair specialists MPR can make accurate and helpful quotations. In order to qualify for the certificate trainees must successfully complete a number of exercises. For example, on a test propeller they must be able to record accurately 90% of the damage. The training is currently being translated into English, and will be delivered internationally across UMC over the coming months.

instruction on writing up a propeller repair inspection report

instruction on writing up a propeller repair inspection report


training on how to inspect marine propellers

training on how to inspect marine propellers