• MANN-FILTER products

MANN-FILTER products


For more information or for a quote on our stock of MANN-FILTER products, please contact Natalie at ngrayson@simplexturbulo.com. Alternatively, call +44 (0)1264 862107.


MANN-FILTER lubricating oil filters

Oil filters for commercial vehiclesOnly clean engine oil can permanently ensure consistent, optimal engine performance. If the circulating oil is not permanently freed of impurities and combustion residues, protection from wear is no longer guaranteed. This can eventually lead to damage to the engine.

If you want to play it safe when choosing an oil filter, choose MANN-FILTER. They are designed for modern high-performance oils and can stand up to even the most demanding technical challenges. As the application areas of oil filters and the demands placed on them vary, MANN-FILTER oil filters are available in different designs.

Simplex-Turbulo also stock MANN+HUMMEL Centrifugal oil filters.



MANN-FILTER fuel filters

Fuel filters for commercial vehicles (black background)MANN-FILTER fuel filters ensure that dirt particles and any water contained in the fuel do not damage the engine. MANN-FILTER fuel filters are also adapted to the high demands of sensitive injection assemblies, as well as the specific properties of alternative fuels, for example biodiesel. By using extremely fine filter media, the fuel is reliably freed of undesired dirt particles. MANN-FILTER filters protect injection systems against wear and corrosion and thus help maintain the smooth running of the entire engine. An effect which is also positively reflected in the maintenance costs.

There are different types of MANN-FILTER fuel filters:

Spin-on filter:

Housing and filter element as a compact unit.

Inline filter:

Perfectly integrated into the fuel line

Filter elements:

Full performance with reduced waste.



MANN-FILTER air filters

Air filters for commercial vehicles (black background)Combustion engines perform at their best when the intake of air is pure. If the combustion chamber is polluted by dust or soot, unnecessary damage can occur to the cylinder head, in turn causing wear to the engine itself. These impurities can also impair the effectiveness of electronic parts located between the combustion chamber and the suction chamber.

MANN-FILTER air filters can remove dust, pollen, sand and soot particles, and even water droplets, out of the intake air. Thanks to the highest degree of dirt separation and mechanical stability, the fuel-air ratio is absolutely optimized and engine performance remains consistent.

Another advantage of MANN-FILTER air filters is their large holding capacity for the impurities; dust, soot, etc. Because blocked filters can prevent air supply to the engine, which in turn can lead to the fuel not being completely burned and therefore wasted, the increased capacity ensures reliability throughout the entire service interval.


Simplex-Turbulo Co Ltd are a direct sales account holder with MANN+HUMMEL (UK) Ltd, and as such are a recognised distributor of MANN-FILTER products and MANN+HUMMEL centrifuge products.