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Concern as dirty fuel ban could lead to rise in ships dumping pollutants at sea

Vessel emissions rival plastic waste as an environmental hazard to marine environments In addition to the problems identified with rising levels of plastic waste in our oceans, vessel emissi...

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Centrifuges remove engine contaminants and soot damage with a fast return on investment

Help protect your engine against the hidden dangers of soot and other impurities in lubricating oil We know that oil is the life-blood of the engine and that longevity and maximum efficiency...

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Diesel and Marine Group welcomes Alvin Poon

Diesel and Marine Group is pleased to welcome Alvin Poon as Asia Pacific Sales Manager. A specialist in marine engineering with a period spent in the armed services, Alvin has had a varied c...

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Diesel and Marine Group seeking to capture South American markets

After the success of SMM 2018 last September, it was time for Diesel and Marine Group to focus its attention on progressing operations in South American markets. In early December 2018, Adri...

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Protecting your propeller shaft against cathodic corrosion

Problems with sacrificial ICCP (Impressed Current Cathodic Protection) systems Ships that are fitted with ICCP systems (whereby a metal that requires protection is bonded to an easily corrod...

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Tallow: the biblical biofuel with future possibilities

The search for new biofuels, producing biodiesel from tallow Biodiesel can easily be produced from tallow (a rendered form of beef or mutton fat) in processes similar to plant oils. Tallow i...

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Early artwork uncovered from Dorman Diesels archive

Dorman Diesels artwork and marketing material With the help of Grace’s Guide to British Industrial History (a fantastic resource for historical information on British manufacturing and ind...

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Simplex-Turbulo appointed as new Centrifuge Specialist Installer for MANN+HUMMEL

Simplex-Turbulo has been given the status of Centrifuge Specialist Installer (CSI) by long-term principals MANN+HUMMEL, manufacturers of specialist filtration products. Having been a distrib...

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What were Dorman Diesels up to 100 years ago? On this day 1918

Dorman Diesels, 100 years ago this week The team at Dorman Diesels enjoys taking the same meticulous approach to research and archive material as it does to engine overhaul. We thought it wo...

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Commitment to business risk assessment and senior leadership win latest award for Lincoln Diesels

Business risk assessment and senior leadership Lincoln Diesels have been awarded the latest version of Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2015 following a recent audit by Independent Europ...

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