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About us

The Simplex-Turbulo Group Ltd comprises Lincoln Diesels Ltd, Simplex-Turbulo Co Ltd, and the brand Dorman Diesels. The group is an independent company, founded in 1935, dedicated to keeping our customers’ engines and vessels working as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. We have three separate offices in the UK in Newcastle, Lincoln and Wherwell, as well as offices in Germany and Poland.

The industries we support

We supply high quality industrial components and equipment to the marine, offshore, chemical, power generation, water, and railway industries.


We are stockists and distributors for some of the leading specialist component manufacturers all of whom have had their quality procedures inspected and approved by ourselves. All the component manufacturers have the highest standards of quality control. These standards of quality control will have original engine builder approval, or alternatively they will comply with  classification society requirements. Our customers include many leading names in the industries we supply.

Full traceability

All critical components are marked with the manufacturers’ logo and batch numbers ensuring full traceability from raw material to installation by the end user.


All parts are carefully packed in specially prepared packing materials to ensure no damage takes place during transit. Special long-term NATO approved packing can be arranged on request.


All parts are fully covered by our warranty which in turn is backed by our £5m product liability insurance, as well as warranties and product liability insurance of the original manufacturers. This level of product liability insurance is  unusually high by industry norms.

Our quality certification

Simplex-Turbulo Co Ltd has already been awarded the ISO9001:2008 certification and the aim of the group is to take quality one stage further. Where operating conditions are particularly harsh and exacting our engineers are available to discuss ways of extending operating times by designing components or enhancing material qualities.

Our stock

We invest in our stock on an on-going basis as a matter of policy – that way we can offer an immediate response to our customers’ needs. In addition to our normal analysis of past demand which projects future requirements, we also work closely with some of our larger customers, planning in services and dry dockings ahead of schedule in order to ensure that the spares are there for them when they are needed.

Our stock is stored by batch in order to ensure that all items are rotated and no parts exceed their shelf life. The warehouses are heated to prevent potential condensation. The stacking methods ensure that no items are deformed. And we are just as careful about our packing –we are happy to organise added-strength packing where a consignment may be subject to poor handling and to ensure that the free space is filled with foam in order to prevent damage in transit especially over rough terrain.

Parts are clearly labelled and can be easily identified from the packing list. All shipments are automatically insured by us, unless our customer specifies otherwise, at a cost of 0.5% of the value of the goods.

All our components are guaranteed and covered by our product liability insurance.

Our staff from Diesel and Marine Group (incorporating Simplex-Turbulo).

Staff at our headquarters in Wherwell, Hampshire.

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