• Gali air starters (template)

Gali air starters (template)

Gali air starters full range

Gali air starters

Simplex-Turbulo are the stockists and agents for Gali, whose  air starters are renowned for their robustness, low air consumption and high-speed, thus ensuring the best results at the first starting attempt. Gali air starters are the only air starters in the market working directly at 30 bar pressure without a reduction valve. They incorporate within the starter the main valve, the silencer, the solenoid valve, the pinion and the flange, thereby simplifying installation. Gali air starters do not require any external lubrication and are designed so that they rotate either left or right. When ordering, it is important to specify which way the air starter needs to turn.

Six models of air starters

Gali air starter range

Gali airstarters are fitted on a very wide range of engines and can also be fitted as replacements for existing equipment. In many cases the cost of a new unit may be less than the cost of overhauling the existing air starter, especially when transport costs are included.

Air compressors

As agents of Gali, Simplex-Turbulo also supplies air compressor units for the production and storage of compressed air with flow rates up to 250 Nm 3/h and 30-40 bar pressure. All units are made in accordance with EC and classification regulations such as ABS, Lloyds Register, GermanischerLloyd, Bureau Veritas, Rina etc.

These air compressors are ideal for starting and operating diesel propulsion units, diesel generators, emergency generators, and pumps.

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