• Bunker fuel testing

Bunker fuel testing

Marine fuel deliveries are measured by volume but paid for by mass. Therefore, analysis of fuel quality at the time of bunkering and calculating its density is all part of good bunkering practice. Using our analysis equipment, you can ensure the fuel in your vessel meets the required specifications under ISO 8217. We provide products used to test viscosity, density, water content, CCAI, compatibility, pour point, salt, and more.

With the new 2020 IMO regulations for sulfur content drawing closer, now is a great time to invest in the equipment required to ensure the quality of your bunker fuel.

Fuel drip bunker samplers

The most common and economic means of obtaining a representative bunker fuel sample is by using a drip sampler. Our fuel drip samplers will be found on thousands of ships worldwide.

  • Lloyds register approved and manufactured
  • meets ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance standards
  • IMO Marpol 73/78 Annex VI compliant, a legal requirement for bunker sampling
  • lightweight and very easy to install
  • obtaining a representative sample is quick and easy
  • bunker sampler joint rings included, everything needed for correct installation
bunker fuel testing

Intermediate fuel samplers

The IFS is a portable and innovative solution to the challenge of measuring the quality of fuels in many different applications. It delivers accurate, instant data in virtually any environment.

  • compact, lightweight and robust, making field analysis quick and easy
  • direct sampling from fuel tanks, barrels and fuel filtration systems
  • data download via WiFi onto any PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet

Bottle samplers

The iCountBSplus is a next generation fluid particle analysis product, providing a unique and complete solution for fluid bottle sampling using proven, laser-based technology.

  • quick sample bottle analysis
  • analysis of fluid moisture and temperature
  • low cost solution for monitoring fluid life
  • effective alternative to external laboratory services
  • reproducible results to ISO 4406:1999, NAS 1638 AS4509E and GOST 17216:2001 (differential and cumulative) particle count distributions
bottle samplers

You can email us at webenquiries@simplexturbulo.com for any further information on our range of bunker fuel sampling and testing products. Alternatively telephone us on + 44 (0) 1264 860186.

Other bunker fuel testing products...

Parker Kittiwake TBN test kit
Parker Kittiwake fuel density meter
Parker Kittiwake cloudpoint detector

Total Base Number Test Kit

Fuel density meter

Cloudpoint detector

Parker Kittiwake viscosity meter
Parker Kittiwake bunker sampler storage
Parker Kittiwake flashpoint detector

Fuel viscosity meter

Bunker sampler storage

Fuel flashpoint detector

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