• Condition and acoustic monitoring

Condition and acoustic monitoring

Unplanned downtime is the enemy of every industry. The earlier a vital repair can be made to a broken piece of machinery, the faster a company can return to profitability.

Ensuring that the fuel, lube and water on-board meets its specification is important, not only to maintain efficient operation, but also to meet marine regulations. These accurate, reliable and simple-to-use tests ensure you maintain your vessel at optimum efficiency.

Simplex-Turbulo is a Marine Master distributor for Parker with responsibility for the marine and power generation industries. We offer a range of fuel, lube oil and water testing equipment.


The Parker XRF which can analyse the levels of sulphur in your fuel within three minutes to lab testing standards.
Parker DIGI Oil Test Cell Kit test procedure.
Parker Catalytic Fines Test Kit to prevent irreparable damage to fuel pumps, injectors, piston rings and liners.

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