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Control systems

In line with increasing regulation, insurance demands and environmental awareness, Simplex-Turbulo supplies a wide range of control systems including manometers, pressure gauges, thermocouples, temperature sensors, thermostatic valves, tachometers, solenoids, oil mist detectors, and governors.


Simplex-Turbulo are suppliers of both Woodward and HEINZMANN governors. Please follow this link for further information.

Manometers and pressure gauges

Manometers measure pressure – the most simple one being composed of a U-shaped tube of glass filled usually with mercury. Simplex sells and stocks a range.  The most common use for a manometer  is usually the measurement of the pressure differential across a charge air cooler to show the cleanliness of the cooler. A ‘U’ bend is filled with water and the air before the cooler fed into one end and the air after the cooler into the other end. A formula is then used to give a measurement ‘inches of water’ . This is the simplest form but one which is frequently used as they are easy to rig up and leave in place to monitor the cooler performance.

A manometer can also be used to show the cleanliness of a filter, oil, fuel etc. In this day and age these are commonly built into the unit, for example as with Filtec filters, and the pressure differential operates as a ‘red flag’ indicator.

Pressure gauges on the other hand can measure very high pressures.  On hydraulic tools for example one can be talking of 800 bar and this would be considered only a mid-range type. Massive pressures can be measured by pressure gauges if required. Conversely a manometer will only measure very low pressures.

pressure gauge

pressure gauge

All these systems are becoming increasingly complex. Simplex-Turbulo’s consultant engineers can also give advice regarding their integration and correct use.

Oil mist detectors

Oil mist detectors are important both as part of a safety system to avoid engine crankcase explosions and also as a way of detecting early failure and therefore minimising damage.

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