• Shaft components

Shaft components

We supply and service a wide range of shaft components including:

Sterntube seals • sterntube bearings • shaft bearings • thrust bearings • shaft couplings • complete flexible sterntubes.

The range of seals which we support includes:

All seals manufactured by Deutsche Werft A.G. • Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft A.G. (HDW) • HDW Hamburg GmbH • Ross Industries GmbH • Blohm+Voss A.G. • Blohm+Voss Industries GmbH (B+VI) • SKF Blohm + Voss Industries G.m.b.H • Chuetzu Waukesha (for seals manufactured under license prior to 1967) • Kobe Steel (for seals manufactured under license prior to 1990) • Kobelco (for seals manufactured under license prior to 1990).

Our team of experienced, factory trained engineers are available to service this equipment anywhere in the world throughout the year. Our bonding repairs are class approved as a permanent repair. All work is guaranteed and covered by our product liability insurance.

We support the following seals and shaft components for
these oil-lubricated systems:

Simplex sterntube seal SSA • Simplex sterntube seal SC1 • Kobelco sterntube seal SC1 • Simplex sterntube seals SC2 + SC3 (including standard seals in different variations, leakproof AFT seals, multisafe AFT seals, airspace AFT seals).

We support the following seals and shaft components for
these water-lubricated systems:

Simplex SC2 + SC3 lip-type seals • Huhn mechanical seals • Carboplan mechanical seals • Simplan mechanical seals.

The range of bulkhead seals which we support includes:

Simplex gas tight seals • Centrax seals.

Other seal and shaft components:

Simplex complete flexitubesterntube • Simplex sterntube bearings • Simplex shaft bearings / plummer blocks • Simplex thrust bearings • SKF couplings and hydraulic shaft flange bolts • rudder stock bearings • rudder stock seals.

In addition, we can maintain the complete propulsion system from the medium speed diesel engine to the propeller, as well as thrusters.

Simplex Sterntube Seal.
Simplex intermediate shaft bearing for short-length shafts.
Complete sterntube assembly prior to installation.

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