• Cylinder head valve gear

Cylinder head valve gear

Simplex-Turbulo sells superior quality 4-stroke cylinder head systems, 4-stroke cage systems, and 2-stroke exhaust valve assemblies. The materials used exceed the industry norms. We represent Märkisches Werk, Halver, the largest manufacturer of medium speed valves in the world, supplying 140 engine builders and their licensees. Their products are used in a wide range of applications from ships through to Formula One racing engines. This is a first-class company backed by a considerable research and development programme and impressive resources. MWH were the first company to develop nimonic valves. They developed the Turnomat valve rotator which is the only valve rotator to guarantee rotation at all engines speeds. For the last eight years they have been working on a special coating (MW-C²) which substantially reduces valve corrosion whilst at the same time having the same coefficient of expansion as the underlying metal and retaining elasticity against contact damage.


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