• Fuel injection

Fuel injection

Simplex-Turbulo is a major stockist and supplier of fuel injection components from well-known manufacturers such as Bosch, Bryce, DUAP, L’Orange, Woodward and Zexel. The components supplied include delivery valves, injector valve bodies, injector nozzles, fuel pump elements (plungers and barrels), cam rollers, fuel pipes and sealing sets.

Where the standard equipment is not providing adequate performance/time between overhauls, we can provide advice regarding alternative approaches. For example, together with the assistance of DUAP we offered a redesigned plunger and barrel on a Pielstick PC 2.6 engine which had been failing due to poor lubrication.  The result was that the life time of the plunger and barrel increased from a few hundred hours to approximately 12,000 hours. Likewise we have provided special coatings to extend operational life where there has been severe erosion from sewage gas and also where animal fats have been used as fuel.

We can supply fuel injection equipment suitable for the following engines as well as a reconditioning service:

  • ABC (Anglo Belgium Corporation): DX and DZ
  • W.H. Allen: S12, S37*
  • Bergen: L, K
  • Blackstone*
  • Caterpillar MaK
  • Cockerill 240
  • Crepelle SN
  • Dorman**
  • Daihatsu: DK20, DK26, DK32, DL/DS 18, DL/DS 20, DL/DS 22, DL/DS 24, DL/DS 26, DL/DS 28, DL/DS 32, PL24,PS 20, PS 22, PS 26, PS 30
  • Deutz: BAM 520,  BAM 816, BVM 540/640, BVM 628, BVM 640
  • Lister*
  • MaK: 551/552, 453AK, 453C, M43, M32, M25, M20
  • MAN B&W: 23/30, 28/32
  • Mirrlees: E, K, MB275*
  • Nohab Polar: F10, F20, F30, 25
  • Normo
  • Perkins 4000*
  • Pielstick: PC2.2, PC 2.5, PC 3
  • Ruston AP, AT, RK, RK215, RK270*
  • Stork DRO, F240, SW280, TM410,
  • Sulzer: A20/24, A25/30, S20, Z40/48, ZA40-S, RD, RND, RLA, RLB, RTA
  • Wärtsilä Vasa: 22, 32, 4
  • Wärtsilä: W20, W32, W46,
  • Yanmar: M200, T240, Z280
For engines marked * go to Lincoln Diesels, and for those marked ** go to Dorman Diesels


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