• Wärtsilä Nohab WN 25

Wärtsilä Nohab WN 25

Spares suitable for* Wärtsilä Nohab WN 25 marine diesel engines

Simplex provides extensive support for the Wärtsilä Nohab WN 25 engines both in terms of service engineers as well as spare parts.  These parts are sourced from leading specialist component manufacturers all of which are based in Europe, and are covered by our 12 month guarantee for major items.  This guarantee is supported by our £5 million product liability insurance.  The parts which we can supply include all the normal wear items expected for a major overhaul such as:

  • Reconditioning of cylinder heads (including repairs to cast iron cracks and corrosion pitting, but unfortunately no exchange heads are available).  These reconditioned heads can be fully built up with new valve guides, valve seats and valve spindles or returned as spare heads according to owner’s wishes. Class certification is available if required
  • Reconditioning of connecting rods and pistons and re-honing of cylinder liners.
  • Valve gear such as inlet and exhaust valve spindles, valve seats, valve springs, valve guides and valve collets
  • Fuel injection nozzles and pump element
  • Gasket and seal sets
  • Cylinder liners
  • Piston rings
  • All types of bearings including small end bearings, large end bearings, main bearings and undersized bearings.

You can email us at webenquiries@simplexturbulo.com for further information or quotations on our range of Wärtsilä Nohab WN 25 diesel engine spares

Alternatively telephone us on + 44 (0) 1264 860186

If you are operating your engine under the parameter system, please let us know so that we can discuss your requirement.

History of the Wärtsilä Nohab WN 25

The Wärtsilä Nohab WN 25 is the successor engine to the Nohab Polar F10-F30.  Production commenced in 1997 and continued until 2007.  All the engines were manufactured at the historic site in Trollhättan and when production ceased a fine tradition came to an end. All engines were single acting, four-stroke, turbocharged engines.  Most of the engines were compression ignition engines operating either on diesel fuel or heavy fuel.  However a gas version of the engine was developed and this was successfully sold around the world for land based power stations.  Like the previous F series engines the bore size was 250 mm and the stroke 300 mm.

These engines were produced in different configurations both as in-line engines with six cylinders and in V form as eight, twelve and sixteen cylinders.  The normal way of designating these engines was:

For the compression ignition engines:  6R25 for a six cylinder, 8V25 for a eight cylinder, 12V25 for a twelve cylinder and 16V25 for a sixteen cylinder.

For the spark ignition engines the same designations were used but the generic name for the model was altered so that the WN25 became the WN25SG.

The engines are robust and most are still operating.  They proved to be popular as propulsion units in the offshore industry, as well as in tugs, coastal vessels and other smaller craft.  There are also many installed as power generating sets both compression ignition versions and spark ignition versions.

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