• Bergen B

Bergen B

Components suitable for* Rolls Royce Bergen B diesel and gas engines

We supply spare parts suitable for* the following Bergen B engines: BRM, BRG, B 32:36, B 32:40, B 35:40

The Bergen B series of diesel engines was first manufactured in 1986 as an in-line version (six, eight and nine in-line configurations), before Bergen was taken over by Rolls Royce. Ten years later a V design was also manufactured. In 2005 a V12 cylinder configuration was added. In 2008 a V16 version was added to the diesel fueled engines. There is a V20 for the gas engines.


Bergen B Cylinder Head

Bergen B Cylinder Head


Bergen B valves, bearings










The Bergen B engines are particularly popular in the offshore industry. Access for maintenance work is straightforward. Large crankcase doors provide good access to the connecting rods and main bearings. Components are more or less consistent within this engine series.

The rigid one-piece cylinder block and crankcase is a nodular iron casting with underslung crankshaft design. Supply ducts for oil and water are cast into the block. Lubrication oil consumption is kept to 0.8g/kWh due to a specially developed piston ring pack.

The gas variant Bergen B35:40 have proven very popular with land based power generation sites.

The range of wear items which we supply and which are suitable for* the Bergen B series are:

  • main bearings
  • conrod bearings
  • thrust washers
  • camshaft bearings
  • valve springs
  • valve rotators
  • valve guides
  • valve collets
  • piston rings
  • indicator valves
  • cylinder head gasket kits
  • cylinder liner O ring kits
  • fuel injection equipment
  • lube oil filters
  • fuel oil filters
  • water pumps



Centrifugal lube oil filters for the Bergen B

As official installers of the MANN+HUMMEL lube oil centrifugal filter we can offer a retrofit option to all Bergen B engines. The M+H centrifugal lube oil filter is an approved option on these engines which will not only provide greater protection and longer life for the engine components, but it will also extend the operating life of your lube oil by a factor of about 2.

The following are the Bergen engine series that we – as a customer option fit – supply centrifuges for OE installation.

B32:40 (Diesel)

6, 8, 9L 12, 16V


2500 – 7000

B35:40 Series (Gas)

12, 16, 20V


4900 – 9400

For more information please visit our dedicated page on MANN+HUMMEL centrifugal oil filters.


MANN+HUMMEL centrifugal lube oil filter range


*If you are operating your engine under the parameter system, please let us know so that we can discuss your requirement.

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