• Reconditioning


Simplex offers reconditioning of a variety of diesel engine components including cylinder heads, valve cages and two-stroke nimonic valves. All reconditioning is carried out under the most strict conditions.

  • crankshaft machining and polishing
  • connecting rod refurbishment and remachining
  • cylinder liner honing
  • cylinder head overhaul (fusion welding)
  • valve seat grinding (using the Chris Marine system)
  • fuel injector overhaul and testing using Hartridge equipment
  • water and oil pump overhaul
  • intercooler cleaning and pressure testing
  • turbocharger reconditioning
  • complete engine overhaul
  • piston crack detection and remachining


Service exchange

Where it is critical that an engine should not be out of service for any significant length of time, our exchange schemes enable customers to keep downtime to the absolute minimum.

The principle of these schemes is simple: customers are provided with re-manufactured and guaranteed components (frequently their own) in exchange for worn components removed during the service. Components usually covered under these schemes include cylinder heads, fuel pumps, injectors, water / lube oil pumps and turbochargers. We support the Bergen K and Bergen B gas engines in our service exchange programme.

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