• Bilge water separators

Bilge water separators

Fulfils IMO resolution MEPC 107 (49)

Since the introduction of the IMO resolution MEPC 107 (49) all new vessels must be fitted with separators capable of breaking up emulsions according to the IMO test procedure. Our turbulo bilge water separator TMPB, made by SKF Marine GmbH (formerly SKF Blohm+Voss Industries), gives the optimum balance in terms of function, capital cost, size and maintenance costs.

The two-stage Turbulo Mechanical Phase Breaker (TMPB)

The TMPB operates as a pressure system with a helical rotor pump on the inlet side. The initial process of this two-stage separator utilises a gravitational separator supported by oleophilic coalescer HEC® inserts. The second ‘breaking stage’ utilises mechanically-working hydro-carbon separating elements (HycaSep®) working as a coalescer to mechanically separate emulsions in accordance with the IMO resolution. These elements are highly efficient and high oil concentrations can be processed without substantial pressure losses.

Information on genuine parts for TURBULO® separators TMPB

Oily Water Separators are IMO approved items. In the Type Approval for the TMPB mentioned that the separator has to be fitted with the coalescer TURBULO® HEC® and the TURBULO® HycaSep® elements. That is mandatory for the operation of the TMPB and for fulfilling the Type Approval.

In case of Port State Control or other examinations, the owner has to verify that origin parts are used. To secure being a genuine part, each TURBULO® HycaSep® element bears a 12 digit code and the brand on the edge of the cartridge. The TURBULO® HEC® coalescer bears the brand with black letters. This code is unique and distinctive.

We recommend only using original coalescer TURBULO® HEC® and the TURBULO® HycaSep® elements for safety purposes and to avoid losing Type Approval.

A special reusable cartridge TORC

The bottom HycaSep® element at the second stage can be protected by a special reusable cartridge which is fitted with a double bag system, ‘TORC’. ‘TORC’ works as an upside-down/inside-out deep filtration unit. With this system it is possible to extend the lifetime of the HycaSep® elements, thus considerably reducing maintenance costs.

Your benefits at a glance:

residual oil content in the outlet water well below 15 ppm (test results near 1 ppm) • compact dimensions • small space requirement • simple installation • easy maintenance • fully automatic operation • separate installation of pump and second stage possible

The popularity of the Turbulo-MPB bilge water separator is evidence of the success of this approach. Delivery time of the main spare parts is approximately one week.

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