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Simplex-Turbulo supplies both fixed-fin stabilisers and two types of retractable stabilisers. The fixed-fin stabiliser is suitable for hull shapes where the fin will not protrude beyond the rectangle of the ship’s frame. Retractable Type S stabilisers represent the best solution for larger passenger ships, ferries, special vessels and yachts, whereas the Type Z retractable stabiliser can provide zero-speed stabilisation for vessels up to 200m.


non-retractable fin stabiliser type F

Non-retractable fin stabilisers are an optimal solution for a wide range of high speed vessels, for example, corvettes, frigates, destroyers and offshore protection vessels. These stabilisers have been supplied to navies all over the world, including to Germany, Poland, Portugal, Argentina, Turkey, Malaysia, Greece, Korea and South Africa to name just a few. Please follow the link for the brochure of the type F stabiliser.


retractable fin stabiliser type S

Type S retractable fin stabilisers are suitable for commercial vehicles such as ferries and special purpose vehicles. A number of coast guard authorities have also benefited from the retractable UHL fin design which easily meets their needs for high stabilisation at low speeds—for example during helicopter operations. Please follow the link for the brochure of the type S stabiliser.


retractable zero speed fin stabiliser type Z

The Type Z retractable fin stabiliser gives the best of both worlds, stabilisation underway and at zero speed. This stabiliser has been especially designed and developed for large motor yachts and cruise vessels up to 200m, which have demanding  specifications for stabilisation. An immense amount of research was invested into developing the optimal fin shape, working angle and stabilising performance. In this latest redesign the fin retracts back perfectly into the housing. Nothing protrudes. The well-proven rotary vane actuator has been modified to operate with an angle of ±60° to ensure reliable and correct roll reduction in all conditions. Please follow the link for the brochure of the type Z stabiliser.


non-retractable zero-speed fin stabiliser type FZ

The newly introduced non-retractable fin stabiliser type FZ is extremely compact, powerful and highly reliable. The torque transmission is free of unbalanced forces on the fin and additional loads on the bearings are avoided which ensures high fin movement precision. The benefits of the ±60° working angle in zero-speed mode are a better roll reduction, reduced jerking effect and reduced resistance under way. The FZ type is compliant with the VGP 2013 regulations.



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