• Net protection

Net protection

Simplex-Turbulo offers three options for protecting the AFT seal from damage caused by fishing nets or lines: net protector, net pick-up and net cutter.


The net protector is a polyurethane ring positioned in front of the first AFT seal ring (dirt ring). As part of the AFT seal housing an outer ring covers the abrasion-resistant protection ring. The net protection ring is suitable for the Simplex-Compact generation (SC1, SC2 and SC3), is already integrated in new-builds and due to the split design an easy retrofit during scheduled maintenance service. An infiltrating fishing net or line will cause a clamping effect of the inner protection ring against the outer cover ring and thereby prevents further penetration into the seal.

  • Effective aft seal protection against dirt fishing nets and lines
  • For seal size 125-1060; larger sizes on request
  • Fits all SIMPLEX-COMPACT seal generations
  • Retrofit: can be mounted in-situ thanks to a fully split design
  • Serviced alongside the aft seal, preventing any disruption to normal operations

Net protector


The net pick-up is a simple but effective component which catches any fishing line or netting not kept off the seal by the rope guard. Any net or line is caught in the net pick-up channel and is so prevented from reaching the seal box without affecting the flow of water to the propeller.

Netting and fishing lines not kept off the rope guard are taken up by the net protection ring with its U-shaped cross-section. With increasing amounts of netting or lines filling up the ring the entry gap decreases and finally closes completely, so preventing access to the seal.


net pick-up for sterntube sealsnet pick-up for sterntube seals




The stainless steel net or line cutting knives are fixed on top of the rope guard or propeller. The net cutter is suitable for the Simplex-Compact generation (SC1, SC2 and SC3), and is available for new-builds and for retrofits during scheduled maintenance service. Fishing lines or nets, which may rotate with the propeller, will be cut before they can enter the space between the AFT seal and rope guard.



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