• Sterntube seal service and repair

Sterntube seal service and repair

For emergency out of hours service engineer inquiries, please call (+44) 07717 433 221

Highly experienced engineering team

Simplex-Turbulo’s team of highly skilled engineers is dedicated to the sterntube seal service and repair. Whether your vessel is in dry dock or afloat, whether the shaft is withdrawn or bonding is required, you can benefit from their years of experience all around the world. To carry out bonding work on the aft seal while afloat, the vessel has to be trimmed in such a way (generally only practical with tankers and bulk carriers) that the seal is approximately one half of a meter above the water line. Alternatively the seal can be bonded by a team of specially trained divers.

Guaranteed service work, fully documented, and to manufacturers’ tolerances

Not only is the work fully guaranteed, but even more importantly seals are reassembled with original spares fully in accordance with manufacturers’ tolerances. At the end of the job all customers receive a full report on the work carried out and the condition of the seal together with any recommendations for the future. These reports are added to the seal history, which is maintained on our database and is available whenever required for planning future maintenance.

Everything required to change the seals is included in the service package.

How long does it take?

Typically, replacement of standard forward and aft seals can take around three days, inclusive of seal bonding, but the exact time will depend upon the circumstances our engineers find on site and the shipyard’s overall schedule of work. Fitting and removal of non-standard designs or split versions takes longer. Our engineers can offer guidance when on site as to the time frame required.

Our engineers liaise closely with superintendents and shipyard managers in order to ensure the work is done as quickly as possible without interfering with other time critical work.

Sealing ring replacement without pulling the shaft

Replacement of the sealing rings without pulling the shaft can be effected by cutting off the old sealing rings and then vulcanising new sealing rings using specialist two-component adhesive to create a permanent bond which is recognised by class as a permanent repair.

Simplex-Turbulo Service Engineer working on external propellor shaft.
Simplex-Turbulo Service Engineer removing sterntube seal.
Simplex-Turbulo Service Engineer bonding a sterntube seal.

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