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Rudder systems

Simplex is proud to represent Becker Marine Systems; manufacturers of some of the most effective cost-saving rudder systems and energy-saving devices in the marine industry. Becker is the market leader for high-performance rudders and manoeuvring systems for all types of ships. Key factors in this success are the company’s technical excellence combined with flexibility and strategic independence from both shipyards and large industrial groups.

The principal Becker products that we support are listed below.

Becker Mewis Duct®

Either in combination with fins or alone the Becker Mewis Duct® channels the water flow over the propeller blades to optimise thrust, thereby reducing fuel consumption by approximately 5% with the best effect being achieved on single shafted vessels with a reasonably high block co-efficient.

Becker Intelligent Monitoring System (BIMS)

BIMS has been developed to measure and monitor the rudder forces. This improves a ship’s manoeuvrability, optimises navigation systems and reduces fuel consumption.

Becker Twisted Leading edge Rudders (TLKSR®)

The trouble with traditional rudders is that they are placed behind the propeller with the rudder cross section arranged symmetrically about the vertical rudder centre plane. As a result no account is taken of the fact that the propeller induces a strong rotational flow that has a damaging effect on the rudder blade. Cavitation results together with associated erosion problems. Becker’s Twisted Leading Edge Rudder mitigates these effects and improves manoeuvrability. Suitable for large and fast ships.

Becker Flap Rudders

Becker Marine Systems was the founder of the flap rudder. The flap rudder is the solution to get an optimised manoeuvrability in combination with less drag to save fuel. The possibility to achieve a rudder angle of 90 degree and more will guarantee the operator an improved DP performance. The Becker product portfolio includes the classic Becker Flap Rudder and the Heracles Flap Rudder with the closed linkage systems to operate in a dirty environment.

ecker Schilling® Rudders

The Schilling® Rudder is a high lift rudder, designed for vessels of any size, and supplied in single or multiple configurations. Being of single piece construction with optimised shape and no moving parts, the Schilling® Rudder dramatically improves both course keeping and vessel control characteristics. With operating angles up 70 degrees, the Schilling® Rudder can control the propulsive force to achieve an efficient ‘side thrust’ effect at the ship’s stern. It is the enhanced levels of ship handling and control achieved with a Schilling rudder system that gives ship owners and operators access to a range of long term operating, cost and safety benefits.

ecker Full Spade Rudders

Becker was the inventor of full spade rudders with KSR Support (King Support Rudders) which are now a common practice for larger or faster vessels to improve the manoeuvrability. For smaller vessels they offer the conventional full spade rudder design. The full spade design reduces the risk of cavitation. Due to the larger active rudder area the design of the rudder will be smaller, the weight will be reduced and the efficiency is enhanced.

ecker Nozzle

The new concept of the nozzle is a further stage of the Kort nozzle. With the new development of a steerable nozzle, the bollard pull can be improved by more than 6%, compared to conventional nozzle profile. The Becker Nozzle consists of a steerable nozzle in combination with a flap. With this design rudder angles up to 90° can be achieved.  The new design also includes the proven KSR Support without heel pintle.

Becker Mewis Duct; positioned ahead of the propeller so that it can straighten and accelerate the flow of water.
Screen from Becker Intelligent Monitoring System (BIMS).
Becker twisted leading edge rudder type.
Becker flap rudder type.
Becker Schilling rudder type.
Becker full spade rudder type.

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