• Wågene Purifiner technology

Wågene Purifiner technology

“Turning mayonnaise into cognac”

“Turning mayonnaise into cognac” is a phrase conceived by engineer and Managing Director Åge S. Wågene. It summarises, perfectly, the amazing transition of water-contaminated oil to better than new quality, by using Wågene Purifiner technology.

Lubricating oil is an expensive asset and can be viewed in the same way as mechanical components and ancillaries. If many of these parts can be reconditioned, then it also makes sense to ‘recondition’ lubricating oil.

Wågene Purifiner can extend the lifetime of any amount of lubricating oil by 10 to 15 times with a quick return on investment.

With a simple cotton filter construction, Wågene Purifiner has the lowest operating costs and is the most reliable technology of its kind. To date, over 3,000 units have been delivered worldwide. With the price of oil, and the challenges faced by operators of meeting tightening maritime legislation regarding waste and pollution, it is reassuring to know that substantial environmental and cost savings can be achieved with immediate effect.

The unit plugs into a standard electrical power supply, and can be carried safely by two people. The flexibility of the unit means that it can used to clean the lubricating oil in a sterntube assembly whilst it is being worked on simultaneously by an engineer.

The video below demonstrates the process in action on approximately 50 litres of water-contaminated oil.

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