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Simplex diesel engine spares, marine components, and engine and propulsion service

Simplex-Turbulo supports the marine, offshore, chemical, power generation, water, and railway industries. We’re a dynamic, growing and independent company supplying marine componentsdiesel engine spares, and service for diesel engines, for sterntube seals, and for propulsion systems.

Our aim is to keep our customers’ engines and vessels working at maximum efficiency and with minimum downtime.

Our strategy for achieving this is to:

  • develop close relationships with our customers, working together to ensure that repairs are carried out seamlessly and with the minimum downtime.
  • invest heavily in stock and technology, this reduces delivery times and enables us to offer better value.
  • training our own engineers and liaising with the research departments of our suppliers.
  • constantly reassess the quality both of the components we supply (to ensure longer time between overhauls) and of the service we provide. We aim, at all times, to be professional and honest with our customers.

Simplex-Turbulo is a well-established and respected independent company which has been supporting the marine and power industries for more than seventy years, supplying marine components and diesel engine spares. We are quality approved (ISO9001:2008) and have an excellent credit rating, along with comprehensive insurance, and warranties.

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Our products and services

Diesel engine components and spares suitable for*:

Bergen • Wärtsilä • MaK • Nohab Polar.

Marine components:

Becker intelligent monitoring systems • Becker Mewis Ducts® • Becker rudder systems • sterntube seals • freshwater generators • rudder stock bearings and seals • stabilisers • turbulo bilge water separators • steering gear • net protectors • net pick-ups and net cutters.

Shaft components:

Shaft couplings • super grip bolts • sterntube bearings • shaft bearings • flexitube sterntubes • thrust bearings • shaft alignment • bulkhead seals.

Diesel engine reconditioning and service exchange:

Crankshaft machining and polishing • connecting rod refurbishment and remachining • cylinder liner honing • cylinder head overhaul (fusion welding) • valve seat grinding (using the Chris Marine system) • fuel injector overhaul and testing using Hartridge equipment • water and oil pump overhaul • intercooler cleaning and pressure testing • turbocharger reconditioning • complete engine overhaul • piston crack detection and remachining.

Marine components service and repair:

Class-approved bonding of seals in-situ • thruster hubs and parts • rudder or tail shafts (up to 20 metres) • sterntube seal liners • supply of oversized blade carriers and  sliding blocks • reconditioning of shaft couplings • delivery of other parts and tools on special request • protective coatings to minimise abrasion, cavitation and corrosion.


Air coolers • air starters • bellows • filters • governors • lube oil centrifuges • manometers and pressure gauges • pumps • turbochargers • vibration dampers.

Condition monitoring:

Ferrous Wear Meter • Cold Corrosion Test Kit • EasySHIP DIGI Field Kit • Cat Fines Test Kit (AL & Si) • ECON Total Acid Number Drop test pack • LinerSCAN • FTIR3 Oil Analyser • OilCheck Hand Held Monitor.

Please visit stcdirect.com for our full range of condition monitoring consumables.

*If you are operating your engine under the parameter system, please let us know so that we can discuss your requirement.

Diesel engines supported

We support the following engines with service and spares suitable for*: Bergen and Normo • Wärtsilä/Vasa • Nohab Polar (aka Atlas) • Bofors • British Polar • Nohab, (Wärtsilä Nohab) • Stork • MaK.

Our sister company, Lincoln Diesels, supports the following engines with service and spares suitable for*: Mirrlees Blackstone • Ruston (aka English Electric) • Ruston & Hornsby • Paxman • Dorman • Jenbacher • Perkins • WH Allen • MAN B&W • Sulzer • Pielstick • Detroit • Lister Petter.

If you are interested in parts or servicing for these engines, please visit the Lincoln Diesels website for further information.

*If you are operating your engine under the parameter system, please let us know so that we can discuss your requirement.

Diesel engine spares supplied

The diesel engine spares we supply include: cylinder head valves • fuel injection equipment • bearings • piston rings • valve rotators (turnomats) • springs • pistons • cylinder liner o-ring sets • cylinder liners • cylinder head gasket sets • heat exchangers • indicator valves • gas control valves • stuffing boxes • telescoping pipes • fuel treatment systems.

We also offer valve cage reconditioning.

*If you are operating your engine under the parameter system, please let us know so that we can discuss your requirement.

Marine components supplied

Simplex is the official UK and Republic of Ireland agent of SKF Marine GmbH (Formerly Blohm + Voss Industries) and supplies all Simplex sterntube seals, shafts bearings and Turbulo bilge water separator parts. Simplex is also the official agent for Becker Marine Systems (the Becker Mewis Duct® and rudder systems).

Along with our associate company, Lincoln Diesels Ltd, we are able to offer a very comprehensive service to our customers.

*If you are operating your engine under the parameter system, please let us know so that we can discuss your requirement.