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The industry favourite since 1993 for on board water in oil and BN test measurements, continues to innovate with upgraded features.

After entering the market nearly 30 years ago the new DIGI+ continues to innovate. Simplex-Turbulo is a leading supplier of […]...

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The palm-sized fluid condition sensor that provides real-time data is proving popular with operators of four-stroke engines

In marine applications, it can be easy to overlook four-stroke when so many vessels use two-stroke for their main source […]...

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Simplex-Turbulo demonstrates particle detection equipment to help keep hydraulic system water content in spec

Since IMPA 2019, Simplex-Turbulo has been putting a plan together with Parker’s Steve Dickens, for a demonstration of Parker’s Particle […]...

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Major piston damage to Dorman SE series engine is unusual but repairable with spare parts

Thankfully, the catastrophic level of piston damage witnessed on a customer’s 8SETCA2 Dorman engine is unusual but is completely repairable […]...

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Ammonia produced with renewables is rising above hydrogen and synthetic diesel as the best route to decarbonization

Moves to adapt engines and ship designs to ammonia fuel are driven by a 2018 International Maritime Organization (IMO) commitment […]...

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Lincoln Diesels’ Mark Wilson returns a hydroelectric customer to full charge

Despite the ongoing restrictions, operators based on land and at sea have been doing their upmost to remain mobile and […]...

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Steve Dickens of Parker delivers essential training on catalytic fines

Simplex-Turbulo would like to extend a big thank you to our associate at Parker, Steve Dickens, who (by way of […]...

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An introduction to Daido Metal bearings from Keith May

Simplex-Turbulo has been providing useful training webinars to staff during the pandemic and is keen to demonstrate the expertise of […]...

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To date, 2020 has seen a strong demand for Parker condition monitoring equipment despite coronavirus disruption

Mike Macnamara of Lincoln Diesels, who is based in Thailand covering Malaysia and the Philippines, and Alvin Poon of Simplex-Turbulo, […]...

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Ruston engines: a desperately sad enquiry with a supportive and personal reply from Lincoln Diesels

A recent exchange of emails between Jamie Elkington (whose grandfather, John Rowley, was a former engineer at Ruston engines) and […]...

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